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 The Charlotte-Metrolina Chapter MOAA : An affiliate of the Military Officers Association Of America (MOAA).

About : The Charlotte-Metrolina Chapter MOAA

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*The Charlotte-Metrolina Chapter is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of North Carolina and recognized by the IRS as tax exempt.

*The Charlotte-Metrolina Chapter does not support any political candidate or party.

*All material or other information, including links contained in the Charlotte-Metrolina Chapter web site is provided as a public service to chapter members, their families and the Internet community.

*The contents of this web site are subject to periodic and frequent updating.

*Every attempt is made to ensure that information is accurate and timely. The content is presented "as is" and without warranties.

*Use of the web site information is voluntary and at the user's risk.

*Other resources linked from these pages are maintained by independent providers. The Charlotte-Metrolina Chapter does not monitor all links and therefore cannot guarantee their accuracy. We do try to ensure that links are active. Users are encouraged to send us an email if error messages or broken links are encountered.

*Statements, views and opinions included in an independent provider's material are strictly those of the authors. These views do not represent the opinions or policies of the Charlotte-Metrolina Chapter, its officers or members.

*All questions regarding specific contents of our website should be directed to the Webmaster@charlottemoaa.org. General comments from the public on our website are welcome.

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